ABS. The Avalanche Airbag



The ABS® Vario line is the patented best-practice solution for the individual demands of freeriders, ski tourers and mountain guides. The twin system consists of a Vario Base Unit and the Vario Zip-ons with a packed volume between 8l and 45+5l. The Base Units encompasses the tried-and-tested TwinBag system. The different Zip-ons can be attached. Whatever your plans are - whether short, single- or multi-day tours, you are always reliably equipped with the right backpack system. The Vario Base Unit comes with a 8l  Zip-on in red orange.

Vario 8 Zip-on
Vario 18 Zip-on
Vario 32 Zip-on
Vario 45+5 Zip-on

Powder Line

The lightest ABS® Base Unit is much in demand among freeriders and off-piste skiers. However, it can also immediately be combined with Powder Zip-ons from 8 to 26L packing volume and is therefore also suitable for shorter skiing trips. This season it has been completely redesigned. Because of its narrower back panel, ergonomically shaped shoulder straps and the tight neoprene hip strap, it also ensures a particularly good fit for women and youngsters. The Powder Base Unit comes with a 8l Powder Zip-on in ocean blue.

Powder Base Unit
Powder 8 Zip-on
Powder 15 Zip-on
Powder 26 Zip-on

Activation Unit

The ABS® activation unit (cartridge and handle) is required for the activation of the ABS® TwinBag. You have the choice between a carbon and steel cartridge. But regardless of what activation unit you decide on, refilling the cartridge is cheap and the activation handle can easily be replaced in retail shops. ABS® will do the actual refilling and renew the warranty.




Equip your ABS® TwinBag additionally with useful accessories, for example with the protector that can be optionally attached to the back of the Vario „Limited Silver Edition“ Base Unit (season 14/15).

protektor Protector
Waist strap
Helmet mount