Questionnaire for avalanche accidents



The ABS avalanche airbag system is virtually maintenance-free. However, you should perform the following checks on a regular basis:

Unfold the two airbags at least once a year. We also recommend an annual training activation, ideally at the start of the season. Even on safe terrain you can perform a training activation under realistic conditions.

Check the release valve in the black fill and outlet unit. Press the red button several times. It should snap back to its initial position each time.

Inspect the condition of the backpack straps, buckles, airbag compartments and Velcro fasteners on a regular basis.

Make sure that the piercing unit that is screwed in the cartridge contains no dirt.

Always make sure that the full cartridge is screwed in tightly before using the ABS airbag system.

The activation handle should easily fit into the coupler. Occasionally, a drop of ABS oil should be applied to the coupler if removing the handle becomes difficult. A sample tube of ABS oil is included and can be ordered from ABS.


In an avalanche, the system can be subjected to forces that test the load limits of the material. Sometimes the damage is not visible to the naked eye. We therefore recommend sending the ABS backpack and empty cartridge to your local Service Center for inspection as a preventive measure.

Please include the completed questionnaire for recording avalanche accidents that you can download directly from here:

Questionnaire on avalanche accidents with the ABS airbag system

If you are not able to have your ABS system checked immediately, perform the following checks yourself:

  • Visual check for abrasion
  • Check for tearing of airbag fastening straps
  • Check for tearing of shoulder straps, waist and chest straps and seams
  • Check for tearing or deformation of all buckles (adjusting buckles on shoulder straps, waist and chest strap buckles and leg straps)

In all cases, send your ABS airbag system to your local Service Center for inspection.


Every three seasons, the manufacturer recommends a general inspection. To do so, send your ABS airbag system, including the cartridge and activation handle, to your local Service Center. The ABS customer service will charge a fee for this inspection. The inspection of all ABS system parts by the Customer Service is far more thorough than any training activation or self-check you may perform.

The ABS Customer Service companies in your country can be found in the Contact section.

IMPORTANT: If you have an ABS Backpack of one of our Inside Partners (Bergans, Dakine, Haglöfs, Ortovox, Salewa, The North Face) please contact them directly.