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Avalanche airbag saves two lives

Unstable snow conditions, bad weather and a case of bad judgment almost cost Daniel Buss and his Swedish companion Stina Slettenmark their lives on 6th February 2010 on the Stangenjoch in Tirol, Austria. The two amateur athletes triggered an avalanche as they were traversing a slope.

"It swept me up immediately — there was no way for me to escape. I immediately pulled on my ABS avalanche airbag," recounts Daniel, who is now 37 years old. When the avalanche finally came to a stop, Daniel was buried up to his chest in snow. There was no trace of his companion.

Daniel starts digging his lower body out of the snow; first with his hands, then with his avalanche shovel.  Just when he manages to free his second leg, he discovers one of his companion's skis. Stina has not been wearing an avalanche airbag and is buried under one and a half meters of snow.  He quickly manages to dig his companion out. Stina is already unconscious, but quickly regains consciousness. Other than pain in one leg, she is in good condition. Finally, the Salzburg mountain rescue team arrives and brings them both down into the valley.

Daniel: "I am certain that my ABS backpack saved both our lives. The airbags kept me on the surface, and that was the only reason I was able to free Stina."

About Daniel

Daniel Buss is a freeriding enthusiast from Munich, Germany, and also loves going on ski tours.

His passion for mountain sports has led him around the globe. However, he is most often seen on his home ground in the Kitzbühel Alps.

His most memorable experiences and tours include the ascent of Alpamayo and Artesonraju in Cordillera Blanca, Peru, freeriding during Tailgate Alaska 2013 (Chugach Mountains), and the annual freeriding week with his friends.

Through his avalanche accident, he came into contact with ABS, where he now works as Head of International Sales.