"Research drives SubQ's products and it is no question that the research backing airbags in the backcountry heavily favors wearing them to increase survival in case of an avalanche. ABS being the innovator and original designer of the airbag system was an easy choice for integration into our all inclusive, and first ever, ABS Airbag Jacket by SubQ Designs."

Corbin Redli - Owner/Founder, Subq


The Jackson Avalanche Airbag Jacket


The first of it's kind, the system is completely removable. Go only jacket, go just vest and pack, go full avalanche airbag jacket.


Full pit access and easy shell draping make for unparalleled comfort and range of motion


"The Jackson" has the lowest swingweight of any airbag system on the market.

The Design

Start with a harness. Build it into the ultimate SubQ Shell. Add a removable ABS Airbag System.

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