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Avalanche accident in Tignes, February 2015


"It doesnt matter how much or little skiing you have done, if you’re not careful out there, you can easily get caught out, which is unfortunately what happened to me on Saturday 28th February."

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Géraldine Fasnacht: Guardian angel in the avalanche


"It was a fantastic powder day, with blue skies and good conditions, a perfect day to shoot a film. I hadn't realised that the snow cover had changed very suddenly due to a rise in temperature. It took quite a while to prepare for the run and around the middle of the slope, I noticed the difference. But by then it was already too late. As I came to the last steep section, directly in the sunshine, it happened: A wind slab broke away and the avalanche revealed its full might."

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Professional freerider Aymar Navarro survives avalanche in Aran valley


It was on the 25th of January 2013 and it had snowed for days in the Aran Valley. The snow pack was more than 4 meters deep. On this day we had a warm, bluebird day!! The conditions were just amazing for filming and for skiing but the snow pack was also a little unstable in steep terrain. We had been looking at different areas for filming and finally we decided to go for the least exposed and less steep one ...

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Avalanche Arlberg area


The slide occurred on a NE facing wind packed slope. I was skiing with a guide. We had ascended from the SW on skins. There was no previous evidence of recent slides. It was early season and there had been fresh snow and wind for the previous two days. We skied out under the rock face at the very top of the slope and began the descent from approximately 2,500 meters. It was a short distance to the edge of a cornice ...

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Professional Freeskier Elyse Saugstad survives massive avalanche at Stevens Pass


Elyse: “… and it was very shocking to find that one of the victims that we found was buried literally three feet to my left… I fully believe that my ABS backpack saved my life. My thoughts and prayers are with those that lost their lives.” ...

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Avalanche accident Schwarzhorn, Switzerland


There were multiple signs that the face / shoot we were going to ski was unstable as we came up the Schwarzhorn lift. A number of slides were visible which must have come down in the last 12 hours. As we got off the lift and skied over to I could feel a hollow nature to the snow. The others decided to head straight in and ski...

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Colorado: Should you buy an ABS pack? Mine saved my life today, I vote yes.


I was on a 10-15 deg slope, just starting to roll over to a chute, I realized I was in the wrong place (horrid vis, I was off by about 45 deg from the side where I thought I was) & started to turn around. I was already on the edge of the snow, then saw cracking ...

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Incidente sulle Alpi di Kitzbühl


Sabato, una mia amica (Stina S.) e io volevamo scendere dal rifugio Resterhöhe verso Aschau nel Tirolo, attraversando il passo Stangenjoch. A causa della scarsa visibilità, a un certo punto ci siamo persi. Mentre cercavamo di individuare il percorso migliore per la discesa

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Snowboarder professionista sopravvive illeso a una valanga grazie all'ABS


Durante gli "Outdoor Games" a "Le Flegere"/Chamonix stavamo facendo fuoripista insieme a una guida locale e maestro di sci, quando all'improvviso abbiamo scoperto una splendida location per girare un video. Anche se ho avuto subito una strana sensazione, le condizioni del manto nevoso erano ...

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Avalanche at Bregenzer Wald, Austria


I have been caught in a snow slab avalanche that I released in the Bregenzer Wald this past Saturday. I immediately activated the ABS System ...

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Il vincitore del Freeride Worldtour 2008, Xavier De Le Rue, sopravvive a un impressionante distacco grazie all'ABS


Poco dopo aver vinto i campionati del mondo di freeride 2008, il 28 marzo 2008 Xavier De Le Rue è sopravissuto, praticamente senza un graffio, a un disastroso incidente da valanga. Durante le riprese di un video, dal pendio si è improvvisamente ...

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Avalanche accident in BC, Canada


Well our group went to Castlegar BC Canada and I was caught in an avalanche just sidehilling to get from one spot to another ...

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Avalanche at Schröcken, Bockstein Area / Austria


I have been a member of the Austrian Search and Rescue Team at OS Schröcken and completed a specialized avalanche course in order to become a member of the local and the Schröcken-Warth Avalanche Committee, and it is therefore of great concern to me to report my experience ...

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