More and more renowned outdoor equipment providers are also including an avalanche airbag in their product range. They consciously opt for more than 25 years of experience and the hundredfold proven ABS® TwinBag technology. Together with these brands, ABS® develops innovative products which not only offer a high wearing comfort, but also prevent skiers and snowboarders from being buried in an avalanche, ensuring their survival. The backpacks which arise from these partnerships incorporate the best of two worlds: the longtime expertise of the partners in developing and designing backpacks and the leading ABS® technology for avalanche safety. The ABS® TwinBag System is directly integrated into the highly functional and tested backpacks of the following brands – ABS® Inside:

Hodlevke ABS Hodlekve ABS


“As avid skiers, we have wanted to make an avalanche airbag backpack for a long time. ABS® were the pioneers of avalanche airbags and a natural partner to complement Bergans’ more than hundred years of experience in making outdoor products. We’re proud to present the Bergans Hodlekve ABS® freeride pack.”

Terje Holden – Product Manager, Bergans

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Deuter OnTop 28 SL
Deuter back


„To us, collaboration with ABS® is the perfect constellation. Two brands meet here that are market leaders and absolute experts in their field. This is reflected in the name of the new DEUTER avalanche backpack: “OnTop” stands on the one hand for the better chance of survival in an avalanche when using the ABS® system. And on the other hand it reflects two extremely experienced manufacturers, each “on top” in its field. We are very proud of this collaboration.”

Martin Riebel – Managing Director, Deuter

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Vojd ABS 30 Vojd ABS 30
Vojd ABS 18 Vojd ABS 18


“The Haglöfs VOJD ABS packs were developed in collaboration with ABS PROTECTION GMBH and offer the best of two worlds – Haglöfs’long history of backpack production and design in combination with ABS’s leading TwinBag technology for avalanche safety.”

Viktor Wramdemark – Business Area Manager Hardware & Footwear, Haglöfs

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Verbier 26 Pro ABS Verbier 26 Pro ABS
Mountain Guide 38 Guide 38 ABS Carbon


“Safety comes first for SALEWA. That is why our ski tour and freeride backpacks have an extra large safety compartment in which the safety equipment is efficiently stored for quick access in an emergency. Moreover, selected backpacks are fitted with a fully integrated ABS® system. Here we base ourselves on the extensive knowhow of the leading manufacturer of avalanche airbag systems to protect mountaineers exposed to alpine risks. In an emergency the system offers the best chance of preventing the skier being buried alive and thus to survive the avalanche.”

Stefan Rosenkranz – Division Manager Equipment, Salewa

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The Jackson ABS Avalanche Airbag Jacket


"Research drives SubQ's products and it is no question that the research backing airbags in the backcountry heavily favors wearing them to increase survival in case of an avalanche. ABS being the innovator and original designer of the airbag system was an easy choice for integration into our all inclusive, and first ever, ABS Airbag Jacket by SubQ Designs."

Corbin Redli - Owner/Founder, Subq

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The North Face
ABS Modulator
ABS Vest

The North Face

„The North Face chose to partner with ABS® on our Powder Guide ABS Vest and Modulator ABS System because the dual airbags provide a high margin of safety, the system offers unrivaled reliability and is the culmination of over 20 years of research and development.“

Austin Robbs – Product Manager, The North Face

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